Those who regularly utilize flotation therapy in their wellness programs report an array of positive long-term and short-term benefits. Some of the most common of these include:

  • Intense Relaxation
  • Relieve old injuries (especially back aches etc.)
  • Ease Arthritis
  • Release Endorphins – the body’s natural pain killer and happy pill
  • Improve the condition of the skin
  • Detoxify the system
  • Useful in pregnancy (for the full 9 months)
  • Increase creativity and imagination
  • Increase circulation and energy levels
  • Balance the left and right brain
  • Improve concentration
  • An aid for addictions, phobias and depression
  • Regulate sleeping patterns – simulates 4 hours of sleep
  • Relieve stress

The deep mental relaxation initiated by floating allows the brain to produce a greater amount of theta waves, which are accompanied by an increase in mental clarity, creativity, imagery, and memory. In addition, the release of the endorphins induces the feeling of elevated mood states which are effective in helping alleviate anxiety, depression, and negative mental habits.

Athletes & Floating

Athletes have found that using float-therapy in conjunction with their training program has improved their athletic performance. Every muscle is able to fully rest and recover after being pushed to the limit. Floating can help improve performance, aid in preventing sports injuries, and shorten recovery time.

What normally takes a long period of time (usually days for recovery from a marathon) the flotation tank compresses into a number of hours. By relieving the stresses of gravity, floating takes the weight off strained bones, joints, and muscles and increases the efficiency of the blood circulating through the body. Improves athletic performance and helps prevent sports injuries, speeds healing process.