Hope Floats is a small business that started in the home of Kimberly Boone in 2013. With a single flotation tank in her basement-turned-spa, she welcomed a handful of clients to experience flotation therapy. News spread via word of mouth and the business grew, establishing the need for a larger space and additional tanks. With the success of the location in Bethesda MD, the clientele has increased to over 8500 current customers, and the company has again experienced a call for growth. 

Message from the owner

"As the owner of Hope Floats and a float enthusiast, my goal is to allow as many as possible to experience the multitude of benefits flotation therapy has to offer. 

I became passionate about floating after my very first experience. The benefits were immediately evident following my first float. I emerged relaxed, energized, and with an overall strong sense of well-being. I knew this was something truly unique and became determined to share it with others.

Each subsequent float revealed new benefits; my sleep patterns improved, my ability to meditate was enhanced, and aches and pains were diminished. I emerged each time feeling as though I had just experienced the most restful night's sleep.

I knew those of us living in the Washington DC area dealing with the stresses of everyday life would benefit greatly from this natural, holistic method of therapy and healing.
Whether it is for relief from anxiety, depression or addiction, or just a search for a better quality of life, I urge you to consider flotation therapy."

-Kimberly Boone