Flotation Therapy

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Imagine floating without any effort, free from gravity, experiencing a completely relaxed state of being. You are free of any stress, tension, or pain. You are free distractions - as if time stands still.

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What others are saying

Hope Floats has helped my daughter significantly in dealing with her depression and anxiety. Talk Therapy and meditation helps but not as much as her bi-weekly floats sessions. Everyone should try floating it may surprise you more than you think possible.
— Jerry, Bethesda
I come once a week because floating helps me meditate more then anything I have tried!
— Allen, Maryland
I can honestly say that this is the most wonderful hour I have spent in quite a long time. It’s an amazing experience and I will definitely be coming frequently. Thank you for bringing this to our area!
— Maria, New York

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Some of the amazing benefits of floating

A spa-like environment with knowledgeable and friendly staff

Welcoming and friendly for all ages and experience levels. Conveniently located in the Washington, D.C. and New York areas.

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