Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.
For every five referrals, receive a complimentary 60-minute float

Infrared Sauna Sessions

30-minute session: $35

45-minute session: $50

Infrared Sauna Packages

Three 30-minute sessions: $85

Five 30-minute sessions: $130

Ten 30-minute sessions: $225

Three 45-minute sessions: $120

Five 45-minute sessions: $185

Ten 45-minute sessions: $325

Flotation Sessions

60-minute session: $75

90-minute session: $95

Beginner's SpecialThree 60-minute sessions (first-time-floaters only): $175

Flotation Packages

Three 60-minute sessions: $195

Five 60-minute sessions: $295

Ten 60-minute sessions: $475

Three 90-minute sessions: $250

Five 90-minute sessions: $375

Ten 90-minute sessions: $675

"Hope Floats Experience"

30-minute infrared sauna, followed by 60-minute flotation: $95

"Couples Package"

The "Hope Floats Experience" for two people: $175